An honorary professional graduate society in career and technical education

Omicron Tau Theta
Represented by the circle, signifies the cycle of human resources in society. The circle of Omicron is the cycle of life, including the Alpha and the Omega - the beginning and the end. It is human resources that are most valued to us as educators and are a paramount resource in the world of work.

Represented by the T, signifies the truth each of us must maintain when working with learners. The value of truth within our decisions is of highest importance. We must be true to the goal that vocational education must provide equal opportunities for all people. No program of career preparation should be assigned to a class of people because of their handicaps, their backgrounds, or other unique characteristics that will limit their horizons.

Represented by the circle and centered banner, signifies you, the individual. You are the Theta, who is needed to assure that Omicron, the cycle of human resources, and Tau, the maintenance of truth are assured for future generations.